NY Cup Products - 1999-2014

About Us

NYCup.com was founded in the spring of 1999 by Tim Galbraith, then a Columbia Business School MBA student. The idea came after reading a Wall Street Journal article about the Anthora.

The article quoted the Sherri Cup vice president,” recounted Tim. “So I called directory assistance, got the telephone number, called him from a pay phone outside the subway in the Bronx. I made my pitch and minutes later we had a deal.”

“I wanted a career related to the Internet,” said Tim. “But I didn’t have a classic technical background. So what better way to establish myself than to actually build an E-commerce business?”

After graduation Tim joined an Internet consulting company. Since the dotcom meltdown, Tim has moved to an old economy position, but NY Cup continues to thrive.

A Global Business– Sales of NY Cup mugs have been made to the UK, Spain, Italy and a bulk order to a Hollywood studio.

Special Thanks To:

The Sherri Cup Company
Oz Promotions
Oren’s Daily Roast
Nina Rich Photography
Nick Koudis Photography